Building Department

Do I Need a Permit?  
Permits are required for all new construction. A permit is not required for some repairs; however repairs such as cutting away part of any wall, partition or portion thereof, the removal or change of any required means of egress, recovering any wall or roof system will require a permit. A general rule of thumb is a permit is required for most alterations except routine maintenance. If you are unsure as to whether your project requires a permit, call the Village Office. It generally takes 10-15 business days to obtain a building permit.  

How to Apply for a Permit:  
Come to the Village Office for a building permit application or download one from this site.  If the Homeowner is doing the work, the Homeowner completes the application, if a Contractor is doing the work, the Contractor completes the application and pulls the permit. Two (2) sets of building plans showing all the dimensions and also two (2) site plans, showing where the septic, well, setbacks and all accessory buildings are located, are needed along with a plan review fee. The documents will then be reviewed by the Oakland County Health Department (if applicable) and the Village Building Inspector to ensure compliance with Village codes.  

Building Department Tidbits:
All inspectors work part time and require a minimum of twenty four (24) hour notice for all inspections prior to their scheduled days. Oakland County Health Department's approval is required for most building permits. A site plan in generally a survey. Some construction projects will require Village Engineer Site Plan review/approval. Contact Village Hall to determine if the project will require this review.