Animal Control & Dog Licensing

Dog tags are now available online if the dog was licensed the previous year and the rabies vaccination on record is still current click on the link "Buy Pet Licenses Online" and follow the instructions. Dog tags are also available at Village Hall.

The State of Michigan law requires each dog to be vaccinated for rabies and to be licensed by the age of four months. You must present proof of current rabies vaccination to purchase the license. To receive a discounted rate you must bring in proof of spaying/neutering. 

The dog license is valid for one calendar year; January 1st through December 31. To avoid delinquent charges you must purchase your dog tags before June 1.


Spayed/Neutered $15.00
Senior Citizens $14.00
Male/Female Non Neutered     $25.00
Senior Citizen Non Neutered $23.00
Delinquent After June 1     $40.00

Wolverine Lake Village Ordinances Concerning Dogs:

Barking Dogs (Ordinance #85-A3, Section 88)
No person shall keep or harbor a dog which by loud or frequent or habitual barking, yelping, or howling shall cause a serious annoyance to the neighborhood, or to people passing to and fro upon the streets, or which disturbs the public peace and quiet.
Dogs Running at Large; Leash Requirement (Ordinance #85-A4, Section 90)
No person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring or maintaining a dog shall permit the dog to run at large within the Village of Wolverine Lake at any time.  Each owner of a dog is required to confine the dog within the limits of his or her premises unless the dog is securely confined upon a suitable leash not more than six feet in length, held continuously in the hands of a responsible person capable of reasonably controlling the dog.
Yard Cleanliness (Ordinance #85-A3, Section 89)
Yards and exercise dog runs shall be kept free of dog droppings, uneaten food, and maintained in a sanitary manner so as not to be a nuisance because of odor or attraction for flies and vermin.

Household Pets (Ordinance #1248.09)
The keeping of small domestic animals, as defined in Section 1240.08 of Village Ordinance, shall be permitted. However, not more than three (3) dogs, cats, rabbits or similar domestic animals, which are commonly kept outside, shall be permitted per housing unit.

Stray Animals

The Village of Wolverine Lake does not have the equipment or facilities to pickup stray animals. If you find a stay/lost animal, contact Oakland County Animal Control at (248)-391-4102.

Wild and Other Animals

If you find you are having a problem with wildlife on your property we have names of several animal removal/trapper services that we recommend. They do charge for their services, usually an initial fee to come out and additional fees for each animal trapped/removed. 
Michigan Wildlife Management: (248) 762-4760
K&D Animal Trap Service: (248) 391-1356
Critter Control: (248) 889-4977
Great Lakes Wildlife Control: (248) 505-2812