Mental Health Month - May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month–May 2020

WHEREAS,mental health is importantfor our individual well-being and vitality,as well as that of our families, communities and businesses; and

WHEREAS,at least 8.4 million Americans provide care to an adult with an emotionalor mental illness; and

WHEREAS,17% of youth (6-17 yrs)experience a mental health disorderthat, if untreated, can lead to school failure, physical illness, substance use, jail and even suicide; and

WHEREAS,May 7thhasbeen designated the National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day; and

WHEREAS,one ineight of all visits to U.S. emergency departments are related to mental health and substance use disorders; and

WHEREAS,mental illness is a biologically basedbrain disorderthatcannot be overcome through “will power” and isnot related to a defectin a person’s“character” or intelligence; and

WHEREAS,mental health recovery is a journey of healing and transformation,enabling peoplewith a mental illnessto live in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve his or her full potential; and

WHEREAS,mental health recovery not only benefits individuals with mental health disordersby focusing on their abilities to live, work, learn and fully participateand contribute to our society, but also enriches the cultureofour community life; and

WHEREAS,the Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN), and its service provider agencies, are committed to inspiring hope, empowering people, and strengthening communities.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, Oakland Community Health Network,hereby recognizesMay 2020as Mental Health Month. OCHN calls upon our citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools to recommit our state to increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness, and the need for appropriate and accessible services for all people with mental illnessesto promote recovery.