Bulk Leaf Pick-up

The second and FINAL round of the annual bulk leaf pick-up is scheduled.  Please watch for the orange and white signs posted at the entrance of your subdivision that will show the anticipated date of leaf pick-up in your area.  Those signs will be posted this week and the first pick-up will occur during the week of November 6th.

A few things to keep in mind:

  •  Once your street is posted, please place your leaves onto a flat surface adjacent to the road edge.  The Tink Claw cannot pick up leaves in a ditch line.  They must be on a flat surface.
  • If your subdivision is scheduled for a Monday pick-up please avoid placing garbage/recycling/compost containers in the leaf piles.
  • Please keep leaf piles away from any obstruction, mailboxes, rocks, etc.
  • Do not mix sticks or other debris in the leaf piles.  Other yard waste, garden waste, trash, recyclable materials, branches, etc. cannot be placed with leaves for pick up.
  • Remember that this is a bulk service and the Tink Claw is only effective with larger piles.  If you have less than 5 bags worth of leaves, please bag them for removal during normal Monday yard waste pick-up.  The last day for yard waste service through GFL is Monday, November 27th. 
The Department of Public Works is expected to visit each subdivision twice this fall.  Please remember that they will do their best to keep to the posted schedule, but weather and other factors may alter the schedule.  If they get ahead they will still come back on the posted day.  Thank  you!