Tiki Candles For The 33rd Annual Tiki Night

Tiki Candles for the 33rd Annual Tiki Night are now on sale.

Join in the "Lighting Up of Wolverine Lake" by lining your shoreline with new, fresh Tiki Candles at 9:00 pm on Friday, July 3, 2020.

This year candles are $4 each and burn for 3-4 hours. A rule of thumb, place 1 candle every 8-10 feet.

Click here for the location nearest you or watch for the Tiki Boat on the lake to purchase your candles. Get them early before they sell out!

Make Tiki Candle checks payable to "Village of Wolverine Lake".

PLEASE make donation to Onwards and Upwards Community Enrichment Fund at Onupcef.org to help make future Tiki Night Firework Shows spectacular aerial events.

**The July 3, 2020 Tiki Night will consist of lighting up the shoreline with Tiki Candles, there will NOT be a fireworks show that evening**