Voting Information

Statement from Melissa Creech, Commerce Township Clerk

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Michigan Secretary of State has decided to mail absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the State of Michigan.  Whether you agree with this action or not, please remember that with the amendment to the Michigan constitution in November 2018, “no reason” absentee voting was established for every eligible voter. If you don’t choose to vote by absentee ballot, then simply don’t return the application to the Clerk’s office and you may vote in the precinct if that is your preference.  I invite every voter in Commerce Township to read the Absent Voter FAQ’s below and learn how the process works and to give yourself peace of mind that it is a fair and secure process.  As the Township Clerk, my staff and I take this duty seriously. We work tirelessly during election years to insure that elections in Commerce Township are fair, efficient, and secure. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Clerk’s office at 248-960-7020 or at

Melissa Creech, CMMC
Commerce Township Clerk

Absent Voter FAQ’s

  • Everyone gets 1 vote/ballot. Period. It’s tracked in the computer: 1 registered voter = 1 ballot.
  • Deceased people do not vote.
  • Only registered voters are issued absent voter ballots.
  • Every returned ballot must be signed by the voter and that signature is verified against their voter registration record.
  • Every verified ballot is counted.  It’s not early voting, no counting or tabulating begins until election day. It’s an ongoing process all day on election day.
  • It’s false that absentee voter ballots are counted only if the election is “close”.  How would the clerk’s office know what the preponderance of votes were for any candidate when those ballots are securely tabulated in the precinct?  We don’t.  No one does until those results are securely sent to Oakland County.
  • As an absent voter application moves through the process, every step is entered into, and tracked by, the computer.  Same goes for every absent voter ballot issued.  In fact, you are able to track your application and ballot through the system at
  • The number of ballots processed and counted by the absent voter counting board, composed of an equal number of Republican and Democratic election inspectors who work in opposite party pairs all day, must equal the number of ballots received by the Clerk’s office.  There are checks and balances in both the computer and the personnel utilized to tabulate the ballots.
  • Curious about the process?  Need your urgent election questions answered? Become an election inspector and be a part of our American democratic process. Contact the Clerk’s office for details at 248-960-7020.


Absent voter ballots are available for all voters in every election. Applications for absentee ballot are available at the State of Michigan website HERE or visit  An application must be submitted for every election cycle.

Registered voters can request to be on our permanent absentee voter list which means we will send you an application for each future election.  After you return the completed application, you will then receive a ballot as soon as they are available. If this interests you, please contact the Commerce Township Clerk’s Office at 248-960-7020 or click here to sign up online

Please be aware that if you are on extended leave from Wolverine Lake (Commerce Township)  your application cannot be forwarded. Instead you should contact the Commerce Township Clerk’s office or obtain an application online HERE or visit Complete the application and mail or deliver it to the Commerce Township Clerk’s office. 

When filling out the application, make sure to indicate if you wish your ballot to be sent to an address other than your registered voting address here in Wolverine Lake. Absentee Ballot applications submitted in person at the Commerce Township Clerk’s office, by the applicant, can be processed immediately up to 4:00 PM the day before an election.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Commerce Township Clerk’s Department - at 248-960-7020 or