Clerks Department

The Village Administrator also serves as the Village Clerk and those duties and responsibilities center on statutorily assigned functions, most of which are administrative.  Many of the Clerk’s duties are carefully detailed by state law. 

By Statute:

  • Maintains custody of all Village records
  • Records and maintains Village meeting minutes
  • Keeps the Village book of oaths
  • Responsible for special meeting notices
  • Keeps Village ordinance books

In Addition:

  • Freedom of Information Officer
  • Maintains Ordinances
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Publishes and posts all Public Notices
  • Refuse/Yard Waste/Recycling Collection Information Distribution
  • New Resident Information Center

The Clerk’s Department promotes and encourages active participation in the community with a focus on accessible government. Please contact the Village Clerk’s Department for assistance or information at (248) 624-1710.