Lake Management Information

Lake Level and Temperature Information:
Annual Notices
Annual Drawdown
Each fall the lake is lowered to allow lakefront owners access to the shoreline for maintenance. When the drawdown is complete the lake level will be approximately 18" lower than the summer level. The target is to have the lake at its winter level by December 1st. After the ice clears the focus turns to raising the lake level. The dam gates are raised to retain water and the augmentation wells are turned on if necessary to start bringing the level up. The target is to have the lake back at its summer level by June 1st.
Fall Leaves
Well, it’s that time of year again when the colors of the leaves in the Village are popping, then falling off the trees.  As they gather on our lawns, please remember how important fall clean up is to lake health. When handled properly, leaves can provide fertilizer for gardens and lawns.  But leaves that enter the lake, either from the lawns of shoreline property owners or through the watershed by way of storm drains, contain nutrients that feed algae growth and use valuable oxygen as they decompose at the bottom of the lake.  Algae blooms have been a particular problem for folks as they try to enjoy the lake this past year.  While leaves are not fully to blame for the frequency and size of harmful algae blooms, they certainly don’t help. It would be wise for all of us to be punctual in collecting leaves on a timely basis and keeping them from getting into the lake.  It will keep our lake clearer and healthier for all of us to enjoy.

To facilitate your cleanup efforts, here are some Village dates regarding leaf collection and lake drawdowns:
  • The second bulk leaf pickup will be starting next Monday, 11/22 and continue through Wednesday, 11/24.  The pick-up will resume on Monday, 11/29 and should finish by Friday, 12/3.
  • Regular Monday yard waste pick-up, which was scheduled to end on Monday, 11/29, will be extended by one week to Monday, 12/6.
  • A third gate on the dam was opened Wednesday, 11/17, which should allow us to reach our normal winter lake level on or about Wednesday, 12/1.