Nuisance Plants, Algae and Muck
Wolverine Lake Nuisance Plants, Algae and Muck

Nuisance Plants, Algae and Muck

Nuisance Plants, Algae and Muck

Wolverine Lake has many different types of nuisance plants, algae and muck that left unmanaged could negatively affect the fish, waterfowl, water quality and water sports activities. The Village has contracted a professional ​water resource management company - ProgessiveAE - to assist in controlling all these issues in a balanced manner. Leveraging their team of aquatic professionals ProgressiveAE provides recommendations for chemical applications and mechanical harvesting to manage nuisance plants, algae and muck. The use of a professional water resource management company ensures all DNR/DEQ regulations are followed and also gives the Water Board a knowledgeable resource when making recommendations to Council.

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Phragmites.jpgPurple Loosestrife.bmpStarry Stonewort.jpgEurasian Milfoil.jpgWild Celery.jpg
Algae Bloom Phragmites Purple Loosestrife Starry Stonewort Eurasian Milfoil Wild Celery

Algae                                                          Phragmites Control                         Invasive Water Plant Information

Harmful Algae Blooms and Muck                   Purple Loosestrife                           Clean Boats, Clean Water

Sediment (Muck) Reduction Initiatives            Starry Stonewort

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