Wolverine LakeMechanical-Harvesting


Mechanical Harvesting


Nuisance aquatic plant control in Wolverine Lake has been a long-term challenge. With its shallow depth and rich organic sediments Wolverine Lake naturally supports abundant aquatic vegetation. One tool used to address nuisance aquatic weeds is the use of a mechanical harvester. The mechanical harvester is a floating machine that cuts the nuisance plants below the water line, pulls the cuttings up to a storage bin then transports the cuttings to a temporary shoreline storage site for pick-up and disposal. In 2014 the Village purchased a new harvester at a cost of $193,065.00 that is parked at the public access site during the summer. the harvester is maintained by the DPW and operated by a seasonal part time employee.

Not all nuisance plants should be mechanically harvested and in some cases harvesting them can make the situation worse so the Village has hired a water resource management company, ProgressiveAE, to make harvesting recommendations to the Water Board that must be approved by Village Council.

       Temporary shoreline storage sites

                  DNR Access Site
                   Mallow Beach
                  Shankin Tube

       Harvester Schedule - The harvester normally runs weekdays from June to August. The number of days each week depends on
             the water resource management company's recommendations and need.

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