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Lake Level

Wolverine Lake's water level is controlled by a dam located off Glengary road and two augmentation wells.

Annual Drawdown

Each fall the lake is lowered to allow lakefront owners access to the shoreline for maintenance. When the drawdown is complete the lake level will be approximately 18" lower than the summer level. The drawdown normally begins in October at a rate of 2" per week with a target to be complete by November 31st.

The drawdown helps to expose the bottom lands within the shallow zones of the lake which helps to stunt, and in some cases kill, aquatic weeds along the shoreline and in the shallow areas of the lake. This helps to lessen the early spring return of these weeds and reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to control such weeds.

After the ice clears (normally March or early April) the focus turns to raising the lake level. The dam gates are raised to retain water and the augmentation wells are turned on if necessary to start bringing the levels up. The target is to have the lake at its summer level by Memorial Day weekend or by June 1st at the latest.

Every attempt is made to lower and raise the lake at consistent pace and reach the target levels by the specified dates but factors such as drought, excessive rainfall and ice melt can all affect how and when the lake level changes.

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