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Environmental Info


Oakland County 24-Hour Pollution Hotline 1-248-858-0931

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Managing Shoreline Property and Erosion Information

SEMCOG  (SouthEast Michigan Council Of Governments)



Green Infrastructure Benefits

Visit Green Infrastructure Information for green infrastructure benefits, water quality and habitat resources.

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Annual Lake Draw Down

The annual lake draw down, which lowers the water 18" below normal summer elevation, begins October 1st.  The lake is expected to be lowered approximately 2 inches per week and 18 inches below its normal elevation of 918.25 USGS by December 1st.  Persons are advised to remove their boats and make any other necessary preparations for the draw down as soon as possible. Upon the capture of Spring rains normal lake level is expected to be reached by June 1st.
See more information on the Wolverine Lake Water Management Board.