Wolverine LakeChemical-Treatment


Chemical Treatment


Nuisance aquatic plant control and algae in Wolverine Lake has been a long-term challenge. With its shallow depth and rich organic sediments Wolverine Lake naturally supports abundant aquatic vegetation and algae. One tool used to address the nuisance aquatic weeds and algae is the application of chemicals using a small boat that sprays them on the surface of the water. Determining what, where and when to apply chemicals is a very complex task so the Village has hired a water resource management company - ProgressiveAE - to make recommendations.

Wolverine Lake has numerous types of nuisance plants and algae that vary around the lake and the chemicals used to treat them are all different. To optimize the application of chemicals ProgressiveAE regularly surveys the types of nuisance plants and algae, the records their location using a GPS. ProgressiveAE then provides the chemical application contractor GPS maps with specific chemicals to be applied. This targeted method of application reduces the amount of chemicals used and optimizes their effectiveness.

2018 Chemical Application Notice                          

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