Charter Amendments
Wolverine LakeCharter Amendments

Charter Amendments

Voters in the Village of Wolverine Lake will see nine Charter Amendments on their ballot on November 6. Changes to the Village Charter can only occur by a vote of residents. Here is a brief explanation of why these amendments have been proposed:

Amendments 1-5 - Elections

The Charter includes language that was relevant when the Village conducted our own elections. Commerce Township now manages Village elections and the proposed Charter Amendments, if adopted, will reflect that reality and match current state election law.  

*Amendment 1, if adopted, will remove an outdated provision in the Charter that references a now nonexistent March election. This amendment will match Charter language to the actual Village election date of the even year general November election.

*Amendment 2, if adopted, will allow for terms of elected Council members to begin the at the regular Council meeting in December following the November election. The Charter currently requires that terms begin on the Monday following the Village election. This timeframe makes it difficult for certified election results to be available at the time the newly elected members are required to take office. Moving the term commencement date to December will provide sufficient time for the necessary post-election tabulations to occur. This change would become effective following the 2022 elections.

*Amendment 3, if adopted, will update the Charter and remove outdated references regarding the filing of nominating petitions with Village Clerk. That language is no longer applicable. This amendment would reflect current state election law requirements regarding filing deadlines and specify that petitions are to be filed with the Commerce Township Clerk.

*Amendment 4, if adopted, will remove obsolete requirements related to the filing, approval, and certification of nominating petitions for Village Council offices. The amendment would reflect current state election law on these topics.

*Amendment 5, if adopted, will remove obsolete and superseded requirements related to canvass of votes on Village elections. The amendment would reflect current state election law requirements and specify that the Oakland County Board of Canvassers shall canvass the votes of Village elections and perform all duties required by state law.

Amendment 6 – Council Compensation

*The Charter currently sets Council member pay at $5.00 per meeting. This amount has remained unchanged since 1985. Amendment 6, if adopted, will allow for the creation of a five person resident committee to make a recommendation on Council compensation. An ordinance to establish Council compensation could only be adopted after considering the committee recommendation and would only apply to subsequently elected Council members.

Amendment 7 – Residency Requirements to Run for Village Office

*Under the Charter, a resident can only run for Village Council if they have lived in the Village for two years prior to the election filing deadline. This two year residency requirement is unenforceable under current court rulings. Amendment 7, if adopted, would reduce that residency requirement to one year in line with current legal requirements and also provide the opportunity for more people to be eligible to run for office.

Amendment 8 – Purchases and Sales

*The Charter now requires Council approval for any purchase or sale of materials costing over $1,500. This amount has remained unchanged since 1987 and now obsolete due to the passage of time and the rate of inflation. This requirement inhibits efficient administration by causing delays associated with the sale of property and purchase of items that are included within the adopted budget. Amendment 8, if adopted, would enable Council to establish a new spending and purchasing threshold by resolution as needed and remove the outdated fixed dollar amount from the Charter.

Amendment 9 – Appointees Filling Council Vacancies

*Amendment 9 relates to the procedure for filling vacancies in Council and is a companion to Amendment 2. Amendment 9, if approved, will remove obsolete language regarding an appointee to Council serving until the Monday following a Village election. This Amendment will also remove the 60 day requirement for holding a special election in the Village as this requirement is contrary to state election law.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these proposed Charter Amendments. To see the Council resolution that submitted these amendments to the ballot, please click here:

Council Charter Amendment Resolution