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Laminar Flow Aeration Test


In 2014 a test laminar flow aeration system was installed in the Penny Lake area of Wolverine Lake. The system was designed to allow one complete turnover of the water within the Penny Lake arm each day which will aerate the entire water column thereby improving lake's fishery, reducing available phosphorus and algae blooms and increasing the rate of muck reduction within the lake. Because laminar flow aeration is a relatively new technology the test has been scheduled for 5 years to determine if wide scale deployment is warranted. The complete 5 year testing program (including equipment maintenance) at a cost of $45,000.00 was paid for in 2014. Should the 5 year test yeild measurable improvement in the Penny Lake area additional installations of the system may be considered.

The Michigan DEQ does not allow laminar flow aeration below ice for safety reasons; therefore, the land based compressors are removed and stored in November then reinstalled in April. The lines going from the compressors and diffusers located at the lake bottom remain throughtout the year.

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Important Notice
Should you hear a land based compressor not running or notice the flow of bubbles at the lake surface change please contact Village Hall at 248-624-1710.

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